CRASH CAD CALCULATE (CCC) – unique software for design and optimization of thin walled beams cross sections in a user friendly 2D environment. In the CCC software the user can design and calculate cross sections, edit their material and compare results.

CCC software is purposed especially for early design stage of product development when the proper shape and optimal dimensions of a member are sought and the design concept undergoes frequent modifications.

Accordingly to the Macro Element Method the CCC software enables creation of a simplified cross section model build of Plates and Segments based on Points.

CCC calculation routines require as input only overall dimensions of the cross – section, and tensile characteristic of the material.
Calculation process takes only few seconds on a standard PC which enables the designer to examine a wide range of cross – sectional topologies and run several parametric studies within only few hours of work.

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CCC Main features

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Crash Cad Calculate features

Crash Cad Calculate provides a unique 2D environment for design and testing of Cross Sections of thin walled beams. Features and tools included in CCC enable the user to model and analyze the geometry of a cross section, define the used material, compare and report results of various designs. Moreover the user has the possibility to automatically optimize the geometry of a cross section.

Main features available in Crash Cad Calculate are:

  • Cross Section Editor – the Cross Section Editor is used to design, calculate and optimize Thin Walled Cross Sections for best crash performances. A number of edit tools are available which will enable the user to easily modify the geometry of a cross section.
  • Moreover the software provides Design Recommendations which help the user to achieve best crash performance of the designed cross section.
  • CCC Cross Section Editor provides also the possibility of Trigger design. Trigger is a local dent that initiates the desired progressive folding mode and reduces the peak load.


Results of calculations for a cross section are grouped in 6 categories:

  • Axial Response
  • Design Recommendations
  • Bending
  • Elastic Properties
  • Lateral Response
  • Denting
  • Torsion Response

CRASH CAD CALCULATE – 2D Environment. Cross Section Editor and Material Editor.

Crash Cad Calculate Key Benefits:

  • User friendly environment for Cross Section design
  • The calculation process of a cross section takes only a few seconds!
  • Possibility of detailed material definition
  • Internal optimization tool – the Cross Section Optimizer
  • User friendly tool for comparison of results of various cross sections.
  • Easy to use results reporting tool

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Detailed information about Macro Element Methodology is available in Crash Academy’s Publications section