Impact Design Europe specializes in development of unique CAE software (Visual Crash Studio) for design and analysis of crashworthy structures. Our software is based on the macro element methodology. VCS is especially useful at early stages of the design process when fast assessment of various structural configurations substantially speeds up product development process.

In Impact Design we highly value our employees and partners as any company can be only as good as it’s team. Vision of Impact Design, Europe funder Dr. Włodek Abramowicz was to allow our people to live in balance between work and private life. He created and managed the company using the concept of Virtual Office where the team works in comfort of their own houses but in close contact to other team members.

This worked over 20 years ago when Impact Design, Europe was established and works even better now as in today’s world of instant communication over the internet it is really easy to have the team in touch without one big physical office. To enable that we continuously review and use all available technologies to foster efficient communication from any place in the world. We are committed to continue this way of work which not only allows to save money on luxurious offices but as well make our team more productive as everybody can improve on his Work Life Balance.