“Symposium of Impact Mechanics and Crash Protection (IMCP)”

Beijing, China, October 19-20, 2017

A special two-days symposium will be organize to celebrate 10 years of close collaboration between
the Automotive Crash Lab at Tsinghua University and the Impact and Crashworthiness Lab (ICL) at
MIT. The symposium will be held in Beijing, China on October 19-20, 2017. Both labs are recognized
as world leaders in crash safety of batteries for Electric Vehicles, vehicle crash safety and human body
impact protection, and characterization and modeling of structural and material failures under impact
loading for lightweight design and FE simulation. Both labs have received substantial industrial
support through individual contracts and/or industrial consortia.
Over the passed ten years we have witnessed an amazing progress in the application of ultra high
strength steels and lightweight materials and an exponential growth of the electric vehicle market. The
Symposium will offer a unique opportunity to learn about the new advances from two teams that are
very much behind these new developments.
We plan to organize about 15 invited talks, with speakers from all over the world. The agenda of the
symposium is attached. The attendance in the Symposium is by invitation only. Interested participants
are requested to fill the registration forms. Individual invitation will then be sent by the secretary of
the Symposium Juner Zhu ( There will be no participation fee.
I look forward to welcome the representative of the world-wide industry to the symposium.
Prof. Qing Zhou, Chairman of Symposium
Prof. Yong Xia, Secretariat of Symposium
Tsinghua University

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