VCS 6.0

➢ Animation toolbar changes
➢ Synchronization functionality
➢ Spine Line – additional tool for CS extraction
➢ Improved and upgraded Chart Wizard
– import chart from LS-Pre post & Hyperworks – “Series” window – “Curve Offset” tool – “Curve Mirror” tool – New time marker – Possibility to remember series – Possibility to remember synchronized load cases – “Invert Last Series” tool – New tools of the view menu – “Reset Background” & “Edit User Markers – Possibility to export results directly to Excel
➢ Multithread calculations
➢ Possibility to calculate and view results for Contact Pairs
➢ Contact detection during load case animation
➢ Inactivate contact after defined time period
➢ “Save Selection” functionality
➢ Visibility check boxes in Solution Explorer window
➢ Improvements of the “Selection” tool
➢ “Advanced Search” tool
➢ Selected elements count
➢ “Select All Connected Objects” tool
➢ Improved “Move to folder” functionality – Solution Explorer window
➢ “Collapse All Folders” tool – Solution Explorer window
➢ Improved “Rename” functionality – Solution Explorer window
➢ Delete All unused Contact Pairs
➢ “Colorize Selection” tool
➢ New tools in CSE
– Optimize spotweld position – Scale CS

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