For Impact Design Europe the yaer 2018 was a time of intensive development.
During past months we concentrated our work on creating a user friendly design space for early stages of product development both on the 2D and 3D level.

We are happy to introduce CRASH CAD 2D – a comlete platform for 2D design and analysis of thin walled beams cross section. Our goal while developing this new software was to combine functionalities of several individual products in to a one, complete 2D platform. The synergy of numerous functionalities resulted in a user friendly and ergonomic solution.

Upgraded Visual Crash Studio 5.0 is enritched with a brand new modeling SPINE LINE functionality which enables creation a sketch plan of a simplified macro element model basing on an imported mesh geometry. The modeling plan, visible in form of points, lines and cross sectional outlines can be automatically transformed into a ready Super Beam model. You can review your modeling decisions and modify them when necessary.

Cross Section Analyzer is a perfect addendum to both Crash Cad 2D and Visual Crash Studio. This handy OPTIMIZER enables automatic creation and calculation of various cross sectional design concepts basing on user-defined design variables. It is now possible to calculate thousands of design variants in seconds and easily find the most suitable cross sectional designs with the usage of results filtering functionality.


It is our pleasure to inform you about the latest development of our 2D environment for cross sectional analysis.
In our new product CRASH CAD 2D you will find a throughout solution for design and calculation of cross sections…

VISUAL CRASH STUDIO (VCS) is an all-in-one environment for early design, virtual testing and optimization of complex crashworthy structures. It includes the functionalities of the 2D environment for analyzing . . . 

We are proud to present our new product: Cross Section Analyzer. This one and only tool gives you the possibility to automatically analyze hundreds of cross sectional design concepts in seconds.  . . .