We are proud to present our new product: Cross Section Analyzer. This one and only tool gives you the possibility to automatically analyze hundreds of cross sectional design concepts in seconds. Create your own analytical project examining various materials, thicknesses and geometries. During the automatic analysis procedure the software will generate and calculate numerous design concepts based on your assumptions. Detailed and accurate results report, which you receive in an eye blink, enables you to easily filter cross sections in the search for an optimal design. This fast and intuitive analyzer perfectly fits any pre-design or optimization routine speeding up the otherwise time and work-consuming tasks.

Please visit the (CSA – manual) section for detailed information about using Cross Section Analyzer.

Please visit (CSA – tutorial) section for additional training resources, use cases and tips on the capabilities of Cross Section Analyzer.

Please feel welcome to share with us all your comments and suggestions. We will try to meet your expectations in the future versions of CSA software.

Agata Abramowicz Sokoll- Impact Design Europe
contact: as@impactdesign.pl